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Australian Aboriginal rock art is the oldest unbroken tradition of art in the world, and often depics native animals including dingoes, kangaroos, emus and turtles.

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Identity and community inspiring design.

Brunswick North West Primary School, located in Melbourne’s north, has a strong sense of identity and community.

Embracing this strong community spirit, Blueboat collaborated with school leaders and engaged with students, teachers, and parents to lead a journey of insights-driven values revitalisation. This Discovery approach revealed valuable insights that served as the bedrock for defining new values and their rationale, as well as inspiring creative design.

The outcomes of this immersive exploration are seamlessly woven into Blueboat’s earthy and whimsical designs. The newfound values are not merely embraced but celebrated across various mediums, including a playbook, engaging classroom activities, and impactful school signage to create a harmonious fusion of values and design interplaying.

The outcome of this community-led Discovery and Design project is a cohesive and inspiring representation of the refreshed values, resonating throughout the community and educational landscape.