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Brand campaign.

The opportunity

St Columba’s College wanted a campaign to share the exciting future that awaits its graduates, who are empowered to become compassionate citizens who strive for their own best.

Brilliant thinking

The Columba Girl is a young woman with the world ahead of her.

She is not limited by expectations of her age or gender. She is an architect of her own future; who will go on to contribute to her community. She breaks the mould. Illustrations were created for each kind of St Columba’s girl, highlighting different aspirations.

The solution

Naturally active and engaging poses, simplified, geographic illustrations with bold lines and block colour, and a portal representing ‘breaking the mould’ with the Columba Girl coming out of her world into the new brings this campaign to life.

The impact

This campaign encourages girls to celebrate their individual gifts, establishing St Columba’s as a supportive School that nurtures students’ passions.

A true collaboration between client vision and creative direction energy, it’s been brilliant to see this shared across the community.