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Australian Aboriginal rock art is the oldest unbroken tradition of art in the world, and often depics native animals including dingoes, kangaroos, emus and turtles.

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Global Alumni connections.

Monash University is in an enviable situation, proudly having over 400,000 Alumni across the globe. There are many digital opportunities for the University to establish connections back to the University after graduates have completed their studies.  Recognising this opportunity, Monash Alumni approached Blueboat to create a brand style for their Alumni Portal activation that would resonate across the Alumni segment spectrum, from recent new graduates to those considering retirement.

Blueboat partnered with the Monash Alumni Engagement Team to workshop visual style and messaging. Blueboat began by devising an evocative proposition, “There’s more beneath the surface”, which intentionally challenges Alumni to reconsider and recharge their connections back to the University. Elements of awe, wonder, energy and captivation, alongside the Monash Master brand, were all considerations in developing a visual representation.  Blueboat’s design creates depth and mood with energised lightness across a suite of purposeful audience segment matching images, visually bringing to life “There’s more beneath the surface”.

Monash Alumni now have an intriguing campaign brand to foster connections with their 400,000 global Alumni.