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The first Rainbow Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker from San Francisco to serve as a community symbol.

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Alumni portal launch.

“There’s more beneath the surface” – an advertising creative by Blueboat for Monash University Alumni Engagement. We continued our partnership to develop a social and digital campaign across Alumni segments, designed to motivate Alumni to reengage with Monash and their Alumni portal launch. Blueboat design thinking used a sprint approach to lead sharing sessions and virtual workshops to create and deliver critical messaging, storytelling and execution development.

Our integrated digital and social campaign uses strong branding, evocative campaign imagery and compelling messaging. Delivered across paid social promotion, segmented EDMs and targeted LinkedIn posts, the automated audience engagement journey steps through awareness to activation. The segmented campaign is connected and strengthened, balancing messaging and design to maximise impact. Responsive design also links the Alumni portal to reinforce the campaign identity further.

Blueboat’s campaign resulted in activation levels achieving over double the KPI target within the first two weeks of launch.