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This is Queen’s. Since 1887.

Established in 1887, Queen’s College at the University of Melbourne has a long and proud heritage, with a global alumni who have elevated their University experience by being part of this life-long community.

Blueboat initially led Queen’s on a journey of discovery, using senior leadership workshops to explore Queen’s as a brand. From this strategic consultancy and insights, Blueboat developed a new positioning and campaign message – This is Queen’s, since 1887. While our creative team applied their design thinking to imagine Queen’s as a fresh and striking visual identity, bringing our new positioning sentiment to life. The resulting identity rightly combines the esteemed College history, their landmark heritage buildings and crest, with a fresh and vibrant contemporary feel.  A cornerstone graphic device anchors the new identity, with a striking confident Queen’s yellow and a new typeface providing a clean aesthetic.

Blueboat delivered a full marketing suite for the College to more effectively promote, communicate and differentiate their offer during a time of rapid global change. Thank you Queen’s for trusting Blueboat with the next evolution of your 133 year old brand.