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Dare – The Centenary Campaign.

Scotch College Adelaide embarked on an ambitious philanthropic journey to raise $10 million from their community. The funds will be used to establish a comprehensive and integrated Wellbeing & Sports Centre that supports and enhances their wellbeing offer for all year groups, and to support Scholarships through the Foundation’s endowment fund.

Scotch’s brief to Blueboat was to create a campaign name, brandmark and identity that matched their bold vision to enhance their students’ educational experience for a dynamic, global future. Beginning with key stakeholder consultation, Blueboat explored the naming possibilities, values and positioning that was right for the community, the School and the campaign’s goal.  Our campaign name, DARE, propositions the community, whilst also capturing the way Scotch students will go onto grasp their future. Created around a brandmark design that celebrates the school’s heritage and future goals, both challenging and embracing a community of supporters. Coming to life through our branded materials, campaign stakeholders now have the collateral to share their energy of their bold vision.

The DARE campaign is now in the public phase, having met its private campaign goals.