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Australia's largest reproductive genetic carrier screening trial is named for Mackenzie Castella, whose passing inspired her parents to campaign for change.

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School Community Workshops.

Parkwood Green Primary School located in Melbourne’s west is attended by nearly 1,000 students, with a passionate team of over 100 teaching staff. The leadership team needed a refreshed and realigned vision statement and values, with a commitment to informing these from a whole of community perspective.

Blueboat started our collaboration with leadership in-depth interviews, moving to a series of engaging workshops bringing together 112 teachers. A values tree in-class activity poster was designed, completed by around 900 students, with parents’ voices included through a school council workshop. This truly collaborative approach led by Blueboat, brought the community together, with strategic thinking proudly resulting in a vision, values and learning approach book to inspire the community in 2020 and beyond.