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Shapes, Saladas and Chocolate Ripples were all invented by the same visionary Australian biscuit genius.

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Campus life, engaged community.

For over a century, the ten residential colleges at the University of Melbourne have served as a ‘home away from home’ for students. In an evolving landscape with increased private off-campus residential options, these colleges aimed to redefine and enhance their annual application process.

Blueboat collaborated with these colleges to craft an overarching brand identity, enabling each college to honour its unique values and community. Our website, designed for young students, champions an intentional user journey with a contemporary and youthful aesthetic. Following extensive stakeholder consultations, we developed a robust back-end application portal managing student data, preferences, and streamlining the sequential offer rounds among the ten colleges.

Our website and application portal have simplified collective marketing and welcome aspiring residents to an innovative digital application experience, ensuring the essence of ‘home’ resonates from the very first step.