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Australia's largest reproductive genetic carrier screening trial is named for Mackenzie Castella, whose passing inspired her parents to campaign for change.

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Enhancing classroom learning – an educator’s toolkit.

Since its inception in 2016, the ReelOzInd! Short-Film Festival has evolved into a vibrant platform for Australian and Indonesian filmmakers to share their narratives. The ReelOzInd! Teaching Resource further amplifies this connection, aiding Indonesian studies and language learning across Australian schools.

As the brand partner, Blueboat was thrilled to amplify the festival’s impact. Our logo and brand design echo the established ReelOzInd! identity, while the website has a deliberately clean and minimalistic design. Infused with playful shapes, it exudes an inviting style, offering easily accessible film libraries and classroom resources for an exceptionally user-friendly experience.

This online resource actively supports Indonesian studies educators in Australia, providing a contemporary and immersive online learning tool.