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The first Rainbow Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker from San Francisco to serve as a community symbol.

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Digital game changer.

In 2020, the Australian Stroke Alliance created a unique collaboration integrating clinical, academic, scientific, paramedical, consumer, commercial and philanthropic partners. Evolving on our design for the Alliance brandmark, a digital representation was the next challenge to transform, unify and showcase the collaborative progress of over 30 national partner agencies.

Blueboat’s digital design goal visually communicates the Alliance’s core aims: to use technological innovation to deliver urgent stroke care to under-resourced areas of remote Australia. This intentionally elegant, contemporary and dynamic site, showcases a palette of Australian red and brown landscape colours, incorporating a slim typeface to reflect a personal side.  White space is cleverly integrated to create a clear information hierarchy, complemented by aerial images of rural Australian to inject a national personality.

Blueboat are proud to have delivered a website design giving a strong sense of presence in a novel way for a medical research project. This brings the Alliance’s ground-breaking work in urgent stroke care to an international audience in a unique way.