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Bridging precision and speed in global health.

Led by the University of Oxford’s esteemed pathogen genomics team and bolstered by Oracle’s robust cloud computing infrastructure, GPAS Ltd stands at the forefront, revolutionising global health through cutting-edge technology, specialising in genomic sequencing analysis for pathogens.

Commencing the brand journey, Blueboat designed a visual language and logo update, aligning an identity that mirrors GPAS’s transformative vision. Comprehensive brand guidelines and templates followed, equipping GPAS with the necessary tools for a unified brand presentation across all communication materials.

Transitioning GPAS into the digital sphere, the brand’s visual essence was seamlessly translated into an engaging website experience. Contemporary design elements infused movement, establishing a professional and approachable presence. The website effectively guides users through key messaging, enhanced by our explainer animations and videos that provide depth and clarity to the information presented.