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The first Rainbow Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker from San Francisco to serve as a community symbol.

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Film Festival.

ReelOzInd! Australia Indonesia Short Film Competition and Festival offers Australians and Indonesians a platform to tell stories in compelling and creative short films and raise awareness and improve understanding between them. Blueboat has partnered with ReelOzInd! to create new branding for the annual festival since its inception in 2016.

The 2020 theme of energy/energi, saw filmmakers in Indonesia and Australia respond with amazing stories of spirit/semangat and drive/dorongan. The theme is designed to be broad enough to allow for a high level of participation and encourage diverse experiences, viewpoints and cultural forms of expression across the film submissions. ReelOzInd! taps into networks across Indonesia and Australia in education, film, government and business and beyond.