Toll Consumer Delivery


Toll Consumer Delivery

Brand Value Proposition and Launch to Market

The logistics giant with a new offer.

In 2012, Toll launched a new Consumer Delivery offer. In order to sell this offer – first to businesses, and then to consumers – Toll needed not only sales materials, but a clear understanding of the offer. The work Blueboat did for Toll Consumer Delivery was then replicated for each business unit in the Australian Toll Group in order to create consistency, with a clear understanding of the unique selling points for each offer.

In 2015, Blueboat is working with Toll once again to develop new film and printed materials for the Consumer Delivery offer.

The brief

The challenge in working with the Toll brand was its simplicity. When the company transitioned from a disparate set of brands to one Toll master brand, it adopted one logo and one brand colour with limited supporting graphics or secondary colours.

Likewise, the business units did not have a clear understanding of how their business unit had its own value within the Toll offer, and as a result there was a lack of confidence when speaking about the offer.

The approach

We undertook a research-driven approach in developing ideal processes, messaging and tone for each business unit. Once we had created a Brand Value Proposition for the Consumer Delivery offer, each of the business units saw value in going through the process for themselves. This resulted in five BVPs – for Toll Consumer Delivery, Toll Fast, Toll Priority, Toll IPEC and Toll People.

The outcome

All five business units now have consistent and distinct messaging; with this comes a better understanding of their own business, and how it fits into the wider Toll landscape. An added benefit is that sales teams are now proud of how the new promotional and customer facing collateral supports the offer.

“Partnering with Blueboat was one of our smartest decisions and has helped us accelerate our goals."

"Their work is exceptional and only surpassed by their level of engagement, energy and effort – no task has been too big.”

Wesley Marley-Wallace, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Toll Consumer Delivery


Parcel Journey process film
New business sales platform
Consumer Delivery launch film
Printed and electronic sales suite